Husk Boots & Rainy Walks

It has been hot this summer, but believe me, I’m not complaining. Anyone in my office will tell you – I would live on the Sun. While the rest of the office swelters I’m wrapped up in two blankets and fingerless gloves. On sunny days I happily lie outside on the patio, absorbing sunlight like a lizard and enjoying the feeling of circulation returning to my fingers and toes (okay, maybe I should see a doctor, or at least get more iron in my diet, but I digress).

This summer has also been RAINY. Even now I am sitting inside, listening to a thunderstorm roll through while my puppy growls as this new intruder. There’s a puddle in my yard that hasn’t dried up in at least a month, and my succulents must be so confused (can plants get confused?) by their constant relocation to and from their sunny spot on the patio on hot sunny days, and as close to the window as I can get them inside the house during torrential downpours. (Did you know that succulents can get sunburn AND drown from too much water? Do not let anyone tell you that they are low maintenance plants because THEY ARE NOT.)

By now you may be thinking, “Where is she going with this? What does this have to do with boots?” No one would blame you; I am a queen of tangents.

The point is that this hot and rainy summer I adopted a puppy!

“Congratulations, but still…. What’s the point here?” – You, probably.

My 5-month-old puppy is potty training.

Now on hot, 90-degree days, that’s not really an issue. Flip flops were designed for that – but let me tell you what they were not designed for- HURRICANES.

This is where my Dublin Husk boots come in.

Once upon a time my Husk boots only came out in October and were on active duty until April. Now I must convince a puppy that she needs to do her business outside in the rain, on wet grass, when all she wants to do is go back inside and have a cuddle. Fortunately for me, I have my Dublin Husk boots to keep my feet nice and dry while she spends 15 minutes finding the perfect spot to do her business/plead with her eyes to get out of the rain.

These boots slip on and off easily for my incalculable number of trips to “go potty” and make me look super fashionable, even when I’ve paired them with neon pink work out shorts. I originally added these boots to my collection for walking around the barn yard, picking stalls and throwing hay bales; but these days I am so lucky to have them on hand while potty training my puppy in the rain!