Helmet Fitting Guide by Dublin

Time for a new helmet? You've come to the right place! Use our handy fitting guide below, and make sure to check out our sizing guide and you will be set for success!

Read on for our tips on ensuring your helmet fits correctly, and download our handy infographic below.

Still not sure you've got the right fit? Pop in to your local tack shop for expert fitting advice in person.

1. Feel

Try on the helmet. We recommend that the helmet should feel snug, but not uncomfortable to wear. The helmet should sit just above and parallel to your eyebrows. 

2. Dial Adjustment System

Once the helmet is securely in place use the Dial Adjustment System featured in every Dublin Helmet to adjust the fit to your head. (Pro Tip: for increased longevity - make sure to loosen the dial fit before removing your helmet!)

3. Try

Once the helmet is level and feels secure on your head, check the fit and the straps. Adjust the straps if needed and make sure the buckle is locked securely. (Pro Tip #2: when tightening the straps, open your mouth as if to yawn - you should feel the straps start to pull on the helmet when the chin strap is at the ideal length)

If you try on a helmet that has gaps or pressure points, you may need to try a different shape. 

Helmet Fitting Guide by Dublin