Dublin Footwear Care Guide

How to Care for your Dublin Boots

Leather is a natural product that requires care. To ensure your new purchase provides you with optimum performance please see the following helpful information:

  • We recommend that all boots are wiped clean with a damp cloth after each use; especially after wearing in muddy or dusty environments or in contact with manure/waste liquids which can be corrosive to leather.
  • Should your Dublins become saturated, remove the insoles and fill with paper to retain their shape. Dry them naturally, away from direct heat, to prevent the leather from cracking.
  • Use a beeswax or leather conditioner to keep the leather in the best condition. These can both nourish the leather and keep them looking great.
  • Do not apply polish or leather conditioner to suede / nubuck / distressed leather as this can alter the look of the leather.

Some styles of Dublin Footwear are waterproofed.

  • There is a waterproof membrane in the boots and all seams are sealed and taped with a waterproof sealer.
  • If the boots are worn in excessively wet conditions, moisture can enter the boots if they are not dried correctly.
  • To dry your boots out correctly remove the inner soles and fill with paper to retain the shape. Allow the boots to dry naturally, away from direct heat, to prevent the leather from cracking.

Here's our care guide on how to keep your Dublin boots looking shiny and new.